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wha wha what?
I couldn't decide what Taemin pictures to post so randomly throughout the post there will be Taemin. Just a warning.
So the other night I was watching Lucifer ondemand for the 49593 time. I was also drinking on of those cold coffee starbucks thingys. Dangerous combination. This part above came on or was coming on or something and I always giggle because like....teeth and y'know, I mean look. He' moley. Oh sorry. anyway, I started to drink but got excited and ended up spilling coffee all over the place. My face, up my nose, the foot rest thing I was using as a table...everything. I didn't know what to do so I told mom not to come in. I just sat there with coffee all over me until the video was over. I also some how missed keys cutie face.
(HAHHHAA my tinypic upload coad was just sugar monsta....I laughed)

For some reason this week has been filled with Junsu love from 2PM. I mean, I always love him but yesterday I was just like...WHAAA JUNSU. I downloaded songs of his and songs that he sang and songs that he likes....Junsu everywhere. The more I like him the more I am upset that he didn't come to the concert. He could have just sat there and sang y'know. I guess he would ratehr hang out with Chance and puppies though. I don't blame him, he loves those things. OH YEAH. I listened to Rainy Days Acoustic by oneway cause I love them and I have since they came out and I love to be able to say that. (I can only about 2NE1, Oneway, CN Blue, f(x), and SM The Ballad) Anyway at the end I was like....."Thats Junsu, I know it is. It is and I love this and it must be him and his vocal cords are no joke" I was sure of it and I came home to do research and all I had to do is watch the mv CAUSE HE WAS IN IT. I freaked out a bit. I love that song....

(What is this boy!?)
So to have good things for college and get into NHS easier grace and I started volunteer work. We got downtown and move tables, sweep floors and sign old people in to do this zumba dance thing. We usually have some problem everytime we go. The first time everyone left and we were just like.....we didn't even know waht we were doing really. This time though was...oh geez the longest 20 mins of my life. This only lady burst into the room swearing about nothing. She came over to our desk and started talking to us. She went on and on about things we didn't care about. We both felt like the barbie from Toy Story 2 that had to keep smiling. We just smiled and nodded. She started to say stupid racist things and I thats really the only time I said stuff back just because it makes me so mad. The thing is, she doesn't know our lives. I mean, what if we liked someone who wasn't white.....WE DO! WE BOTH DO, HELLO LADY WAY TO OFFEND. She then asked what religions we were and she said a bunch of crap and SHE TOOK OUR SIGN IN PEN. What a jerk.

What a jerk, lauging at Onew when he it's okay, I laughed too.
So I was complaing about this boy in my math class that, everytime he answers a question he says "I would have to say that..." JUST FREAKIN SAY IT. So I was talking aobut him to grace this morning where he got the name Monkey Boy for he looks like a monkey. Anyway, in class today he tapped me and said he was sorry if he annoyed me. I said it was okay. I didn't say no you don't cause he does so I said it was okay. HAHA. I don't know why he said that but it was random and weird. He said I never talk and I'm like, Don't you think I know that?! I said yeah I know I'm quiet and I turned around. Kid listen, I don't want to talk to you. You are not Taemin so get out. I know mow I will read in that class when we arent doing stuff cause then he probably wont bother me again. I'll pull a Taemin and do the book version of his headphone thing he did in predebut. Smart boy, getting creative with ways to not talk to people. I do it all the time. Anyway, I'm not as shy as they thing, I just don't WANT to talk. It's no big deal, I have freinds and I'll talk to them. I don't need or want anymore.

Holy Moley Taemin wae are you like that. You can't do this to me. Putting your amazing eyebrows and arms in the same picture. Geez laweeze boy.
So, Headband. I decided...I didn't decide anything. I decided I would look at the really interesting wall when I pass him a gym. That was just too much. No wonder I don't talk to people. It's just too much. I'm never waring a headband again.
OH YEAH. Over break we wrote a Bakaitus 12 days of christmas. Also my mom pretty much told her brother he was ugly. Highlight of the day for sure. (That picture is so very distracing up there....) 
I probably have more to say but I need to bathe and stuff. BYE.


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