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Music Class
In my music class we have to memorize music. He'll play a clip and we have to write the title, composer, year and answer a  question. The list for the final is like 15 that I have to study. Not bad but for some reason, I can not remember Robet Schumann. It's Symphony # 4 mvts 1 and 4 and they are good, they really are but I can't remember them. I will be practicing so I won't be looking at itunes, a song wil start playing and I just won't know it. The point is, I have started identifying his as "the one I don't know". If I can't tell what it is....Schumann. Every single time....I'm right. That works right? ahhh just a finals rant. 

ALSO laughing at myself for what I'm currently listening to. Go ahead, look it up and then you'll get it. ha...haha HAHAHAHAAHHa. Freakin hilarious.
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