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Right now
  There is not a better feeling than something you say making a whole room crack up laughing and there is no worse feeling than saying something really funny and having no reaction because it went right over their heads. It's sad really but at least I entertain myself. 

I'm going to start reviewing and summarizing things I watch and read again.
Also I really love my history class and I just think I love history a little too much. I get excited.
Also that cute boy is there so there's that. 
I, however, am not excited for my Philosophy class.
Math though...I was placed so low that I thought we would pick up where we left off last semester. Nope. We are starting from chapter 1 again in the same book. Only this time, no really hard online homework AND we get a notecard for each test and can write down what ever we want on it. I almost got out of my seat and hugged him. It was a beautiful moment in my life. He is from Monessen too so that was weird. 

I have to update this now because of today.

Nothing exciting happened but listen to this crap. So At 1 - 2:15 I have class in Smith (across campus from where I live) then back to Powers from 2:30 until 3:45 (pretty close to where I live) then back to Smith from 4 - 5:15. THEN I had to go back to my dorm because I forgot my card to get into the cafeteria so back to my room them back to right next to Smith. If that sounds like a lot of is. It's worse because I have to carry three books on my back up and down this hill. (well there are steps but I can't find a picture so just put them there. oh hey you can kind of see them in the window!) Anyway, I guess I do exercise ahahha.


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