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Painfully Eventful Weekend.
So a lot happened this weekend and I realized how optimistic of a person I am because these events aren't really what most would consider a good time. I guess I see the best in things, that's good right? ahhaha No but this weekend was really funny and just weird.

First on Friday I came home from school and was just hanging out at the kitchen table with Ashley and mom. I was eating chocolates and it was good so I ate the other half that was already in my mouth. I know, I'm gross, whatever, it was chocolate. So Ashley and mom said I was gross so I started laughing and drooled out chocolate drool....(this story, it's so gross I'm really sorry) and they laughed at me more so I started laughing and choking on this chocolate. I seriously almost died. In the mean time, Grace is waiting for me outside but I didn't know because I was too busy DYING.

So then the two of us went to McDonald's in Belle Vernon. It wasn't snowing so bad when we left but after awhile we HAD to leave because it was getting bad. A lot worse than we thought actually. It was terrifying and everyone give it up for Grace who didn't kill us! (also all the other people out there who could have killed us). So yeah, Charleroi hill where BAD so we parked the car and walked home. This sounds horrible but it had a good time. I did anyway. It was funny and good to see the bff again after so long. It's good when you meet with a friend after awhile and it's not any more awkward than usual. I got home and....I don't remember what I did after that. We watched Supernatural actually. Yeah that. We also watched this clip on Centralia and I knew everything the historians said already. They called it one of the most dangerous places on Earth though. I've been there twice...

So then on Saturday dad and I were determined to rent Silent Hill Revelation. It came out on Tuesday and we all knew I have been waiting since before filming even started. So we went to redbox but it isn't there until the 26th or something. So that was a fail. later that night Me, mom and Ashley were playing Scat like the good old times. I won so hard though. Then my dad found Silent Hill ondemand and rented it and I was so freaking happy. Ashley decided to heat up cheese to have chips and cheese and my mom was stirring in and decided she was going to put cheese on my face. I ran away and did some freaking awesome parkor moves to get away. Well I kept running and I slipped right by the steps and fell really really hard. 5 feet is short but it still hurts to fall from. So yeah, I got a toe crap and my right forearm is in pain as well and my right shoulder and my left butt area and my knee is just busted up. Yeah it was really funny. I couldn't stop laughing just replaying it over and over in my head but I am in all kinds of pain. Just another typical day in my life I guess. Can't say I won't remember this weekend for a long time. I wish someone would have recorded this though.

I am going to dedicate a full post to Silent Hill another day this week though because I have a lot to say. So wait for that or don't because it will spoil it but I'll be sure to label when they spoilers start.

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Favorite line: "It's good when you meet with a friend after awhile and it's not any more awkward than usual." I choked on my coffee laughing at that

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