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Painfully Eventful Weekend.
So a lot happened this weekend and I realized how optimistic of a person I am because these events aren't really what most would consider a good time. I guess I see the best in things, that's good right? ahhaha No but this weekend was really funny and just weird.

First on Friday I came home from school and was just hanging out at the kitchen table with Ashley and mom. I was eating chocolates and it was good so I ate the other half that was already in my mouth. I know, I'm gross, whatever, it was chocolate. So Ashley and mom said I was gross so I started laughing and drooled out chocolate drool....(this story, it's so gross I'm really sorry) and they laughed at me more so I started laughing and choking on this chocolate. I seriously almost died. In the mean time, Grace is waiting for me outside but I didn't know because I was too busy DYING.

So then the two of us went to McDonald's in Belle Vernon. It wasn't snowing so bad when we left but after awhile we HAD to leave because it was getting bad. A lot worse than we thought actually. It was terrifying and everyone give it up for Grace who didn't kill us! (also all the other people out there who could have killed us). So yeah, Charleroi hill where BAD so we parked the car and walked home. This sounds horrible but it had a good time. I did anyway. It was funny and good to see the bff again after so long. It's good when you meet with a friend after awhile and it's not any more awkward than usual. I got home and....I don't remember what I did after that. We watched Supernatural actually. Yeah that. We also watched this clip on Centralia and I knew everything the historians said already. They called it one of the most dangerous places on Earth though. I've been there twice...

So then on Saturday dad and I were determined to rent Silent Hill Revelation. It came out on Tuesday and we all knew I have been waiting since before filming even started. So we went to redbox but it isn't there until the 26th or something. So that was a fail. later that night Me, mom and Ashley were playing Scat like the good old times. I won so hard though. Then my dad found Silent Hill ondemand and rented it and I was so freaking happy. Ashley decided to heat up cheese to have chips and cheese and my mom was stirring in and decided she was going to put cheese on my face. I ran away and did some freaking awesome parkor moves to get away. Well I kept running and I slipped right by the steps and fell really really hard. 5 feet is short but it still hurts to fall from. So yeah, I got a toe crap and my right forearm is in pain as well and my right shoulder and my left butt area and my knee is just busted up. Yeah it was really funny. I couldn't stop laughing just replaying it over and over in my head but I am in all kinds of pain. Just another typical day in my life I guess. Can't say I won't remember this weekend for a long time. I wish someone would have recorded this though.

I am going to dedicate a full post to Silent Hill another day this week though because I have a lot to say. So wait for that or don't because it will spoil it but I'll be sure to label when they spoilers start.

Oh Charleroi~ Oh Unconscious Mind~ Oh Everything~
yoseob dumb
(I keep procrastinating on this entry by saying "I'll write it after I drink my coke" .....why can I not drink and do it? I don't understand) 

Before I get started lets open with the two pictures that explain why Sandeul from B1A4 is my favorite person. That face....those facts, how could I not love him. 
(omg Heartbreaker by GD takes me straight back to like 10th grade WOAH IT'S SO BAD HE IS SO BAD HAHAH I LOVE IT. I listen to the worst music sometimes I swear) (I CAN"T CONCENTRATE. I'm in my "scat" playlist and it's full of dancing things and I can't type and dance at the same time. It's really good I have my own room because of the amount I'm dancing and GETTING MY CRAYON. I hope the people outside can't slightly see through my blinds. 

Okay I finished my coke, we're good.

ANYWAY. So my mom texted me telling me that last night, during an ice storm, someone broke into our car that my dad apparently forgot to lock. When he went to see what was missing he found that the console was open and out flashlight that we keep in the car was on the seat. So he looked around and found an unsigned check and all of our change was will there and stuff. The only thing that was missing was Butterscotch candies and a half a thing of gum..they even left out flashlight. LIke........I don't......WHAT?! My cousin said to make sure to we lock our house because they know where we live now. I said, "Yeah, we have a lot more candy in the house." I literally cannot comprehend this. I can't even be mad because it's too freaking funny.

Next thing. I had a weird dream last night. What else is new? So long story short I was a a concert type thing and kenan, Kel and Coolio were there and they walked right past me and I touched Coolio's pants like *poke. They were purple and sweat pants. I wanted for a long time for him to sing Gangsta's Paradise but he never did and it was sad. That song is like, my favorite song. 

Oh my gosh, I'm so hyper. Why why? I don't want to be. 

I made this for Ashley for her birthday. I'm really good at these things. 

One more thing. 
111204 dongho3
This picture had all of my most favorite things in it so I just wanted to share that. I just want to blue skadoo right into that bad boy. Man I want to blue skadoo into a lot of pictures, not gonna lie. 

Okay so these things that call themselves people that I live with have the heat on 77...70 freaking 7. ALSO they keep the hall light on all night and I can't sleep with that crap on so I am not addicted to sleeping with a pillow over my head which makes me even hotter so I get made. I seriously wear shorts to sleep. It's January....just no. I like it cold so I can have like, 50 comfy blankets so I closed my vent and it's cold in here but not that cold. YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE. This is the second time I've walked into the kitchen to find the stove on. HOW DO YOU JUST LEAVE THE STOVE ON!? HOW. I swear when they move out and have to pay utilities and be responsible they won't make it. Either they will just be poor from paying heating bills OR THEY WILL HAVE CAUGHT THE FREAKING HOUSE ON FIRE. (aw I keep looking at Dongho, he's such a cutie~~) I WANT TO YELL AT THEM SO BAD!


okay stopping sorry

I Can't Help it.
wind waker

I have never needed more things on one site like I do this one.

Really quick.
Just really wanted to say that this moment was one of my favorites so far in Assassin's Creed. I know it won't make much sense but....look how Conner look Charles Lee right in the eyes and drop the last crate of tea into the water after starting The Boston Tea Party. It was a very satisfying moment. Look at him, look at that sass. He don't care. Gosh I can't explain it.
boston tea party

Friday January 11th 1:57pm
Connor uuuuhhhhhh
I'm walking back from history. It's kind of raining but not enough to use an umbrella so I'm just dragging it at my side. I come to where the dorms are, farthest from my own, and see this girl walk out of one of them. She is wearing a really pretty coat, taller than me, sleek straight hair she has tights on so probably a skirt and nice pretty shoes. For a second I'm like "she's so pretty and confident" Then I look at myself with my Pitt hoodie, my glasses that have a mix of scratches and water droplets on them, my jeans that are kind of wet, rolled to high and a little uneven, my hair is in a ballerina bun but imperfect due to rain and curly hair is always imperfect. Oh and my shoes that are 5 years old and are lucky to still be together. Also the fact that I'm making a weird noise with the umbrella I'm dragging. I almost tripped on it so I laughed a little. At first I was like, "what the heck? Why is she so pretty? Whywhywhy?" Then I thought, "ya know...I planned this outfit out last night. I thought it looked good this morning...it still does. I freaking love my hair and all of it's fluffy imperfect glory and these shoes have been my go-to shoes for 5 years. Why the heck do I care about her?" Anyway girl, this is college, not a night out in Paris. 

We have all seen the, "OH look at me in my converse and skinnies, (I was actually wearing just that....) I'm not like those other girls!" It's freaking annoying and get over it, the way you dress and what you listen to or how you spend your time doesn't make you like or unlike "all the other girls". You are a girl and play video games? Cool, so are all the other girls who freaking play video games.  I like really good things and I am really funny. I like to think so at least. Not to be modest or anything because we all know I am so there you go. I know I'm nice, waaaay too nice. I'm an awkward mess half the time but I try not to be...making things more awkward I think but I tried. yay. The fact that we have all seen this before shows that most everyone is an awkward mess half the time and if you aren't in skinnies and a hoodie, you probably wish you were. For all I know, dressed up girl could have looked at me and wished she was as comfortable as me. I think there is a difference between being confident and being comfortable. Right now I'm comfortable and obviously I'm okay with that. 

Self empowering/realization DONE.

On a different note, I feel like new cute boy might have dropped history today. He was getting a paper signed so I don't. I guess we'll see Monday....BUT WHY. I LOVE HISTORY, I CAN HELP YOU. 

Ew I just remember the squishy noodles from coffee prince. hahhahahhaah.

Also my group in Comp 2 is the girl I sit next to and the two Chinese cuties in front of me. Well actually the one Chinese cutie and his friend but whatever. YAY. 

Oh my gosh my eyes are always way bigger than my stomach. 

Right now
  There is not a better feeling than something you say making a whole room crack up laughing and there is no worse feeling than saying something really funny and having no reaction because it went right over their heads. It's sad really but at least I entertain myself. 

I'm going to start reviewing and summarizing things I watch and read again.
Also I really love my history class and I just think I love history a little too much. I get excited.
Also that cute boy is there so there's that. 
I, however, am not excited for my Philosophy class.
Math though...I was placed so low that I thought we would pick up where we left off last semester. Nope. We are starting from chapter 1 again in the same book. Only this time, no really hard online homework AND we get a notecard for each test and can write down what ever we want on it. I almost got out of my seat and hugged him. It was a beautiful moment in my life. He is from Monessen too so that was weird. 

I have to update this now because of today.

Nothing exciting happened but listen to this crap. So At 1 - 2:15 I have class in Smith (across campus from where I live) then back to Powers from 2:30 until 3:45 (pretty close to where I live) then back to Smith from 4 - 5:15. THEN I had to go back to my dorm because I forgot my card to get into the cafeteria so back to my room them back to right next to Smith. If that sounds like a lot of work...it is. It's worse because I have to carry three books on my back up and down this hill. (well there are steps but I can't find a picture so just put them there. oh hey you can kind of see them in the window!) Anyway, I guess I do exercise ahahha.

Hair goal.
I seriously want more hair. I already have so much though. When I pull it straight it's at the middle of my back but it's not very thick. Anyway, I'm really happy these days with how curly it is though. So I was watching a certain music video again last night and I was like. "I want that hair!!" 

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 4.00.50 PM 
Fei from Miss A's I Don't Need a Man,  I Don't Need a Man. CHINCHA!? Oh sorry, got excited.

So I know I would have to grow my bangs out but I don't know how I feel about that because I've had them since I was like 14 so I don't know if I'll look right. I'm going to try to grow them over break to see what happens and if nothing good I'll just cut them before I go back.

I mean, my hair isn't that thick....her's isn't either but I don't want fake hair, but it's already curly right? I DON'T KNOW HELP ME!!!
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Music Class
In my music class we have to memorize music. He'll play a clip and we have to write the title, composer, year and answer a  question. The list for the final is like 15 that I have to study. Not bad but for some reason, I can not remember Robet Schumann. It's Symphony # 4 mvts 1 and 4 and they are good, they really are but I can't remember them. I will be practicing so I won't be looking at itunes, a song wil start playing and I just won't know it. The point is, I have started identifying his as "the one I don't know". If I can't tell what it is....Schumann. Every single time....I'm right. That works right? ahhh just a finals rant. 

ALSO laughing at myself for what I'm currently listening to. Go ahead, look it up and then you'll get it. ha...haha HAHAHAHAAHHa. Freakin hilarious.
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yoseob dumb

AHHH chicken troll, the only good troll, ew he is so gross
My not problem is that I got a 100% on my pssa math test. My problem is that....on geez I really forgot. I started to OOOH I think there is too much kpop in my english journal. I mean, I cant talk without thinking about kpop in some way. Its really that hard because its there all the time. I wonder if it will annoy her. I can't help it. It's what I do a lot. I'm not going to talk about stuff I don't feel like talking about and it just happens that I always want to talk about kpop.
Fenster is sleep barking really weird and its so funny.
I want a delay tomorrow.
I have two midterms tomorrow.
If I do well on them I can get littlebigplant 2. My life will be great again.
I'm playing Mirrors Edge right now and its great but I hate it because I fall all the time and get shot and die. I want to be her though. She can freakin run on walls is so cool.
My top 25 most played is 9 shinee songs...darn. I still have more Epik High plays though so its all good.
Sarah tired. I have to do stuff but...I don't even feel like typing the rest of that I;m so lazy.
nighty night but not really.

wha wha what?
I couldn't decide what Taemin pictures to post so randomly throughout the post there will be Taemin. Just a warning.
So the other night I was watching Lucifer ondemand for the 49593 time. I was also drinking on of those cold coffee starbucks thingys. Dangerous combination. This part above came on or was coming on or something and I always giggle because like....teeth and y'know, I mean look. He's....so...holy moley. Oh sorry. anyway, I started to drink but got excited and ended up spilling coffee all over the place. My face, up my nose, the foot rest thing I was using as a table...everything. I didn't know what to do so I told mom not to come in. I just sat there with coffee all over me until the video was over. I also some how missed keys cutie face.
(HAHHHAA my tinypic upload coad was just sugar monsta....I laughed)

For some reason this week has been filled with Junsu love from 2PM. I mean, I always love him but yesterday I was just like...WHAAA JUNSU. I downloaded songs of his and songs that he sang and songs that he likes....Junsu everywhere. The more I like him the more I am upset that he didn't come to the concert. He could have just sat there and sang y'know. I guess he would ratehr hang out with Chance and puppies though. I don't blame him, he loves those things. OH YEAH. I listened to Rainy Days Acoustic by oneway cause I love them and I have since they came out and I love to be able to say that. (I can only about 2NE1, Oneway, CN Blue, f(x), and SM The Ballad) Anyway at the end I was like....."Thats Junsu, I know it is. It is and I love this and it must be him and his vocal cords are no joke" I was sure of it and I came home to do research and all I had to do is watch the mv CAUSE HE WAS IN IT. I freaked out a bit. I love that song....

(What is this boy!?)
So to have good things for college and get into NHS easier grace and I started volunteer work. We got downtown and move tables, sweep floors and sign old people in to do this zumba dance thing. We usually have some problem everytime we go. The first time everyone left and we were just like.....we didn't even know waht we were doing really. This time though was...oh geez the longest 20 mins of my life. This only lady burst into the room swearing about nothing. She came over to our desk and started talking to us. She went on and on about things we didn't care about. We both felt like the barbie from Toy Story 2 that had to keep smiling. We just smiled and nodded. She started to say stupid racist things and I thats really the only time I said stuff back just because it makes me so mad. The thing is, she doesn't know our lives. I mean, what if we liked someone who wasn't white.....WE DO! WE BOTH DO, HELLO LADY WAY TO OFFEND. She then asked what religions we were and she said a bunch of crap and SHE TOOK OUR SIGN IN PEN. What a jerk.

What a jerk, lauging at Onew when he fell....no it's okay, I laughed too.
So I was complaing about this boy in my math class that, everytime he answers a question he says "I would have to say that..." JUST FREAKIN SAY IT. So I was talking aobut him to grace this morning where he got the name Monkey Boy for he looks like a monkey. Anyway, in class today he tapped me and said he was sorry if he annoyed me. I said it was okay. I didn't say no you don't cause he does so I said it was okay. HAHA. I don't know why he said that but it was random and weird. He said I never talk and I'm like, Don't you think I know that?! I said yeah I know I'm quiet and I turned around. Kid listen, I don't want to talk to you. You are not Taemin so get out. I know mow I will read in that class when we arent doing stuff cause then he probably wont bother me again. I'll pull a Taemin and do the book version of his headphone thing he did in predebut. Smart boy, getting creative with ways to not talk to people. I do it all the time. Anyway, I'm not as shy as they thing, I just don't WANT to talk. It's no big deal, I have freinds and I'll talk to them. I don't need or want anymore.

Holy Moley Taemin wae are you like that. You can't do this to me. Putting your amazing eyebrows and arms in the same picture. Geez laweeze boy.
So, Headband. I decided...I didn't decide anything. I decided I would look at the really interesting wall when I pass him a gym. That was just too much. No wonder I don't talk to people. It's just too much. I'm never waring a headband again.
OH YEAH. Over break we wrote a Bakaitus 12 days of christmas. Also my mom pretty much told her brother he was ugly. Highlight of the day for sure. (That picture is so very distracing up there....) 
I probably have more to say but I need to bathe and stuff. BYE.