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yoseob dumb

AHHH chicken troll, the only good troll, ew he is so gross
My not problem is that I got a 100% on my pssa math test. My problem is that....on geez I really forgot. I started to OOOH I think there is too much kpop in my english journal. I mean, I cant talk without thinking about kpop in some way. Its really that hard because its there all the time. I wonder if it will annoy her. I can't help it. It's what I do a lot. I'm not going to talk about stuff I don't feel like talking about and it just happens that I always want to talk about kpop.
Fenster is sleep barking really weird and its so funny.
I want a delay tomorrow.
I have two midterms tomorrow.
If I do well on them I can get littlebigplant 2. My life will be great again.
I'm playing Mirrors Edge right now and its great but I hate it because I fall all the time and get shot and die. I want to be her though. She can freakin run on walls is so cool.
My top 25 most played is 9 shinee songs...darn. I still have more Epik High plays though so its all good.
Sarah tired. I have to do stuff but...I don't even feel like typing the rest of that I;m so lazy.
nighty night but not really.