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Friday January 11th 1:57pm
Connor uuuuhhhhhh
I'm walking back from history. It's kind of raining but not enough to use an umbrella so I'm just dragging it at my side. I come to where the dorms are, farthest from my own, and see this girl walk out of one of them. She is wearing a really pretty coat, taller than me, sleek straight hair she has tights on so probably a skirt and nice pretty shoes. For a second I'm like "she's so pretty and confident" Then I look at myself with my Pitt hoodie, my glasses that have a mix of scratches and water droplets on them, my jeans that are kind of wet, rolled to high and a little uneven, my hair is in a ballerina bun but imperfect due to rain and curly hair is always imperfect. Oh and my shoes that are 5 years old and are lucky to still be together. Also the fact that I'm making a weird noise with the umbrella I'm dragging. I almost tripped on it so I laughed a little. At first I was like, "what the heck? Why is she so pretty? Whywhywhy?" Then I thought, "ya know...I planned this outfit out last night. I thought it looked good this morning...it still does. I freaking love my hair and all of it's fluffy imperfect glory and these shoes have been my go-to shoes for 5 years. Why the heck do I care about her?" Anyway girl, this is college, not a night out in Paris. 

We have all seen the, "OH look at me in my converse and skinnies, (I was actually wearing just that....) I'm not like those other girls!" It's freaking annoying and get over it, the way you dress and what you listen to or how you spend your time doesn't make you like or unlike "all the other girls". You are a girl and play video games? Cool, so are all the other girls who freaking play video games.  I like really good things and I am really funny. I like to think so at least. Not to be modest or anything because we all know I am so there you go. I know I'm nice, waaaay too nice. I'm an awkward mess half the time but I try not to be...making things more awkward I think but I tried. yay. The fact that we have all seen this before shows that most everyone is an awkward mess half the time and if you aren't in skinnies and a hoodie, you probably wish you were. For all I know, dressed up girl could have looked at me and wished she was as comfortable as me. I think there is a difference between being confident and being comfortable. Right now I'm comfortable and obviously I'm okay with that. 

Self empowering/realization DONE.

On a different note, I feel like new cute boy might have dropped history today. He was getting a paper signed so I don't. I guess we'll see Monday....BUT WHY. I LOVE HISTORY, I CAN HELP YOU. 

Ew I just remember the squishy noodles from coffee prince. hahhahahhaah.

Also my group in Comp 2 is the girl I sit next to and the two Chinese cuties in front of me. Well actually the one Chinese cutie and his friend but whatever. YAY. 

Oh my gosh my eyes are always way bigger than my stomach. 

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Your first 2 paragraphs make you sound like a Chatham speaker, I LIKE IT. *and here's a distant one arm buddy-hug type thing*


haha a speaker. If I had to read that out loud it wouldn't sounds half as good. HIGH FIVE!

I have no idea where he lives or what his name is. I'm a good stalker but not that good. These things talk time and that is why he CANNOT DROP. There is always Eng Comp kid but he isn't as pretty. history cutie has that pretty asian dark skin that I'm currently fond of.

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